New Year’s Eve

Despite it being a successful professional year, I haven’t really wanted to reflect on 2015.
2015 was nuts and had a lot of hardship, most of it self inflicted, which makes me feel utterly stupid.
I can’t say “everything happens for a reason,” because that feels like I’m not owning up to my mistakes, but I can certainly say that I have learned from them– and that I have learned that one should never say: “never.”

But above all things, during my most trying times, sobbing as if the world was coming to an end, I learned that the people who matter in your life are the people that will carry you through those hardships — those people gave me the strength to keep going. I hope that in turn, I was able to turn the strength that was given to me into strength for them to get through their own hardships and loss — and indeed, there was a crap ton of that, too.
I love my friends, my family. And without them, I could have never, ever gotten through 2015.
Thank you to my girl squad, my soul sister, my Tuesday running buddy, my workfam, and so many others along the way– I love you, I love you.

Here’s to life lessons, change, grit, and a new year.


Chapter 4 – On being a Harry Potter fan…

Let’s just say that labeling me a “fan” can be a bit of a euphemism.

Jo still flirts with her fans who not only continue to be immersed in her world (Pottermore, anyone? I haven’t logged on in ages, but i’m RiverRook29, Gryffindor), but now are bringing in the next generation to Hogwarts.

I’m privileged to count myself amongst the many that can declare — Harry Potter changed my life.

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