Chapter 7, On being Jack Gantos’ Handler…

Ok look, lets face it: perks of being a librarian are typically getting pre-published books for review, getting new shipments of books, and …. the smell of new books and old books. Once a year, maybe you get to travel for a conference, depending on budget.

Today, was a big perk –


“So I have to ask. … did you really land in that pool!?!” (In The Trouble in Me).
“Yes, I really did!”
“I don’t have any books for you to sign… but I do want one thing. … Can we take a selfie?!”
“Of course!”
3 pictures later…
“OK, this one is Facebook worthy.”

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Chapter 5, On being a librarian, part 2

Repost from October 19, when I had to brag on ALATT about it.

Today was an awesome Monday.

unnecessarily long braggy post

10am: readers advisory for a concerned parent who was concerned his third grader has no imagination and had problems with comprehension. He then told me he was reading Moby Dick with him. Piled up in his basket: magic tree house, wayside stories, a Prelutsky anthology, Big Nate, Choose your own adventure and more variety I can’t remember. I firmly told him there was no child that didn’t love to read, just a child that hadn’t found his favorite kind of book yet.
Then encouraged that same parent to join NaNoWriMo to write his book. And, as a fantasy lover, to read The Wheel of Time.
1130am: organized and tidied up some stuff on my to do list. A kid needed help formatting his report on MS word, doing a project about Costa Rica, with his dad observing, NOT doing the work for him, and writing his research in his own words (!).
1230pm: same kid lost all of his work because the user session ended and wiped the saved filed. gathered my gusto, gave the kid a pep talk, and gave him increased time.
330pm: Engaged 13 kids for an entire hour for Book Club, discussing paspassages from The Fourteenth Goldfish. ….ok there were cookies involved, but they were TOTALLY engaged in the discussion, which was awesome. and then they asked to do book club more often.
400pm: The same student doing the report finished his homework, and printed it out. Then he came up me and said, in earnest, “Thank you so much for helping me out until the end. I can tell you really enjoy your job. Thank you so much!!!”

Chapter 1, Page 4

You know you’re a 90’s kid when a the Sailor Moon Moon Stick sends you into a fit of giddy, high pitched, happy yelps.


Crafted by a vendor at Supercon 2015!

There seems to be a big revival of 90’s anime and videogames, what with the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy 7  and even Sailor Moon Crystal.

Makes the fan girl in me so incredibly giddy.

Plus, learning and connecting with indie game developers at the con to bring resources for the kids at the library and at YOUmedia.
The work never stops!… nor should it, really.

See, even though I’m missing ALA 2015, I’m being productive!

Plus, I even got socks only benefitting a librarian.

Socks by SocksMax, also bought at Supercon 2015
Socks by SocksMax, also bought at Supercon 2015

Chapter I – Page 1

Co-culture: breaking the negativity of stereotypes by embracing certain parts of them and rendering them to be a positive characterization of a group. Supposedly.

We still use fax because our superduper high tech copy machine has the email function disabled... sigh.
Beautiful drawing by my friend and colleague, Lolo. We still use fax because our superduper high tech copy machine has the email function disabled… sigh.

Librarians are called superheros, stewards of information, master searchers — Google with a heart and soul and people-skills. These people-skills allow me to either (a) yell over the din of crazy afternoon school-children to get them to lower their voices, or (b) figure out that said kids are just bored and to get them to quiet the heck down, pull them into a shotgun program of origami, storytime, craft, etcetcetc.
I don’t think I’ve shushed anyone in my entire career.
Funny thing about this is, my friend’s depiction of me as a Super-Susher is somewhat accurate, right? Despite not being literally true, somehow me, and her, and all the rest of our colleagues, have the wherewithall, the wit, and the people-skills to indeed quiet the inherent craziness that is found in a public space.

Plus, such a reification of that it makes me feel like a (mofo) ADULT doing thangs and getting thangs done.

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