On watching ALA’s Facebook page getting hacked…

In probably the most entertaining hack ever — ALA’s Facebook page got taken over during the Labor Day weekend.

Clickbait posts came up at least once an hour (except during regularish sleeping hours) which made many followers raise their eyebrows…. and then prompted the wittiest and most entertaining responses ever from librarians across the entire nation.

After nearly three days of post such as these… Facebook finally responded and reinstated the rightful admins to the page.





A huge thanks and credit to Tobey M. for preserving these via screen caps! Check out all the photos in her album, and some of the comments. Winner, IMHO, was none other than Steve Kemple who dutifully provided all posts with corresponding Dewey numbers.

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Chapter 4 – On being a Harry Potter fan…

Let’s just say that labeling me a “fan” can be a bit of a euphemism.

Jo still flirts with her fans who not only continue to be immersed in her world (Pottermore, anyone? I haven’t logged on in ages, but i’m RiverRook29, Gryffindor), but now are bringing in the next generation to Hogwarts.

I’m privileged to count myself amongst the many that can declare — Harry Potter changed my life.

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