Chapter 11.1 – Still alive

Its been a while – a long while, but that happens when you suddenly up and leave the city that you grew up in and a job you were really getting into to pursue another job that would definitely further your career and hopefully grant you boundless opportunities (maybe).

I’ve been sitting on updating this for awhile.

I haven’t written about my move, though its something that sits with me every day. I haven’t written about D-Day, November 8. I haven’t written about how gut wrenching and heartbreaking it was to leave my teens in Broward County and leave my unfinished but soft-opened project, The Studio.

Alas, I’m fond of chronological storytelling (so vanilla), so I’ll start there, at the latter, catching wind of a job, coming to terms with where my personal life was, and realizing I had to go, had to leave my kids, had to pursue a dream and face reality.

I’m being angsty, its hard to say goodbye to kids first and to tell them people moving on is a part of life and that The Studio is their space no matter what, that they made it what it was.

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