Chapter 1, Page 6

When you’re a librarian, surrounded by tons of available bookmarks, but somehow only use random crap lying around for one….

Cheap and easy sushi from Publix. YA book: Written in the Stars
Cheap and easy sushi from Publix.
YA book: Written in the Stars

Happy Belated Independence Day!
Sometimes the days after a long weekend make me wish we never closed the library. Work has been nonstop, and not so much in the fun sense.

Still, just need to keep on thinking that we get to make a difference in the world. That, and a glass of wine and a good book always helps.

In other news and assorted bullets-

Kayaking with George in the Oleta River State Park, waking up to watch the sunrise and go for a run… feeling energized in the middle of the night and going out for another run…

My friend, Durty Di, and I are trying to complete this 30 Day Squat Challenge… So far, keeping up with each other’s texts, we have completed up to Day 6! But lawd, are my thighs killing me. Must! Achieve! The! Bubble! Butt!

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